Sorry Not Sorry

When will I be done escaping 

Escaping to the jungle

Escaping to the ends of the earth

Escaping my husband

Escaping into other people

Escaping me

Am I just looking for places

To vomit my story?

No grace 

No love

Just release



It should be ok 

But it’s not

When will it be ok?

I can choose for it to be ok

Yet I don’t

So tired so sick

Feeling it in my body and mind

Everything spinning 

It’s ok

It’s ok

It’s ok

This is normal

Stop hiding

Recognize mistakes 

It’s not a mistake

You are your own teacher

Your energy is like a wild animal

Do you choose to contain it or not?

I’m not quite sure yet

Why do you keep feeling shame?

This is just who you are

I’m so sorry 

I need to stop apologizing

But I’m not quite there yet…

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