Probably The Most Accurate Description if Bipolar I’ve Read

This made me so sad because it’s the closest way to describing how I feel that I’ve ever read…and it’s terrifying and upsetting and I’m just so bummed that this is the reality of my life. I guess I haven’t fully accepted it… Not sure what to do.

1 thought on “Probably The Most Accurate Description if Bipolar I’ve Read”

  1. I’d like to say it gets better and right now with a good med cocktail for me is tolerable. I too had a hard time accepting it then at some point i did. I was so angry at God after my hospital stay that it was all consuming. I’m still not happy about it as i often feel trapped in my mind waiting for the next psychotic break but lately it’s tolerable. I say all that to give you hope that one day it’ll be tolerable for you. I know the struggle so I’m giving you a hug internet hug.

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