mehHi, my name is Elora! I was diagnosed as bipolar early 2018 and it was almost a relief how much sense it made to me. I started this blog when I decided to get off my meds and try to stabilize my mood on my own. Since then, I’ve gotten married, done Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon and sailed around the Antarctic Peninsula at the ends of the earth. All of this has vastly shifted my perspective on mental health, humanity, and the fabric of reality in general. 

The deeper I go within myself, the more complexities I find… and I am now committing to sharing those findings in whatever way possible. There have gotta be people out there who think like me, and I want you to know you’re not alone.

For people who don’t think like this… my greatest hope is that maybe you start to see the world a little differently. Things are not good or bad, they just are… but things like acceptance and compassion are difficult concepts to understand unless they are felt.

If you have been diagnosed as bipolar, rather than continue to get frustrated and stew in self hatred… I urge you to try and see it as an opportunity to explore yourself. Really look at and question what’s in there, what is at the root of these extreme emotions you’re feeling… how do you truly view the world? What can you do to change your situation, or at least your perception of it?

If you’re not quite sure what bipolar is or how it affects the mind, hopefully this gives you some insight, and helps you realize that it’s not as black and white as some people make it out to be. The issues that accompany duality are complex and some people can handle it better than others.

But regardless of who you are… there’s a lil beastie inside all of us that needs to go on a walk sometimes! This is the story of the relationship I have with mine 🙂