Fruits Basket – Umeboshi On Your Back

Why is it…people have to be jealous of someone I wonder? Why is it…they don’t notice the remarkable things about themselves?

– Tohru Honda

Rewatching the original 2001 Fruits Basket with Eddy and oh my gosh is it nostalgic… watching old shows lately has been so informative of my younger self and what I gravitated toward. I like to say it feels like I’m “meeting my younger self.” Fruits Basket reminds me just how much I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere…but I so wanted to learn about other people and find someone who truly accepted me for the monster I thought I was. I guess it’s something I haven’t fully healed, even though I’ve found places where I totally do belong, and my logical adult brain can tell I’m not actually a monster. It’s so strange to locate exact wounds from your past and recognize that it’s still sore…and even stranger to not be ashamed of it.

This is a great demonstration of why story is so important. I feel like everyone needs to hear this message, especially now, which is why I uploaded it. Couldn’t find it anywhere else.

What a weird show with such lovable, charming, dysfunctional characters ;_; I love Kyo-Kun so much, I remember wearing a Kyo hat around in high school and people thought I was so weird. Here’s an old drawing from my deviantart back in 2004. I was 15. That was before anyone really knew what anime was…such fun magical times. I can’t believe I’m posting this. I guess I’m feeling brave today.

You have one too, an umeboshi on your back. ♡